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Dec 18
We finally finished the pond closings and it was quite hectic with the early Winter. We have started an instagram account and the focus will be to post lots of videos so visit that page if you get a chance

  • Egret in the florida everglades
  • Bottom pond jet installed on our last build of the season
  • Stingray City in Grand Caymen
  • Seagulls swarmed the ship as we pulled out

Just got back from a 7 day crusie which was a great escape. Snorkeling in Roatan's West Bay was the highlight - 2nd. largest reef in the world apparently. Our annual 20% off sale will be held on Saturday January 18th. and Sunday 19th. We have hundreds of fish in ths shop this year for boarding - all are doing well
Oct 10
The season is winding down and we are started to book pond closings and take fish in for the Winter boarding. Our job in Brampton is pretty much completed and we finished another smaller pond here in Scarborough. A couple of streams where also constructed and we are starting a big project - 50 foot pond on Oct 20th

  • We finished construction of this small stream in Mississauga
  • Hyacinths and lettuce are considered weeds by late in the year
  • This part of a waterfall manifold can be controlled with a valve
  • The right tools are essential. We ran a garden hose to an autorefill

Off to Las Vegas for 5 days, leaving tomorrow
Sept 1
Finally some real Summer weather here in Toronto - it's been a terrible year. We are pretty much booked for the season in terms of pond construction at this juncture. Currently plants and fish are on sale at the shop, stop in, we still have a great selection. Right now we are working on a 3K pond in Brampton

  • My good friend Darren in NJ is putting 4 drains in his pond
  • Helped a client install his liner in this 6 foot deep pond
  • Screening set up for a rotating media filter for our current Brampton build
  • A shot from our 3rd. Annual Client Appreciation BBQ

Our 3rd. Annual BBQ was great fun and this year we had a raffel and gave away a fish and a T-shirt.
Aug 3
Construction is moving along nicely and we are almost fully booked for the season. The weather this year has not been great and we are seeing a lot of string algae problems. We are getting more active on facebook, twitter and the old fashioned "keep current updates" via email. This is a great way to illustrate what we are up too

  • Some of the worst stone work ever !
  • We rebuilt this leaking waterfalls utilizing our hoist
  • PVC water fall manifold custom made
  • A multi meter is essential. A blown bulb will show high resistance

Please come to our 3rd. annual BBQ which will be happening Sunday August 17th from 12 - 3 pm. We will have special sales that day so please stop by for some fun, food and savings
July 9
We are well underway on construction now having completed our first rebuild [July Picture of the Month] and starting our second job. A lot of rain this year and the late Spring have not helped

  • Did a drain and clean on this pond which we repaired a couple of years ago
  • Put in another barrel filter for one of our clients - they work very well
  • Released 10 fish in our 18K grow out pool again this year
  • Used a custom cut piece of HDPE to fix this upper pool / falls connection leak

Our 3rd. annual BBQ will be happening Sunday August 17th from 12 - 3 pm. We will have special sales that day so please stop by for some fun, food and savings
June 10
We have almost completed our pond openings and have begun construction. The weather is finally great and tropical plants are selling well out of our greenhouse

  • Waterlilies are the defacto standard pond plant
  • Our Koi shipment came in in great shape
  • Our tripod hoist alllows us to do heavy stone work in tight quarters
  • Dirty quartz sleeves inpact the performance of UV's. Clean with CLR

Our Japanese koi shipment is healthy and we have not lost 1 fish out of over 400 that arrived. We have sold a lot but there is still a great selection and we do have volume discounts ie buy 5, receive 15% off
May 3
The cold weather is really becoming a major worry here in Toronto. I pulled 5 fish out of my pond this week, they died from exposure basically. Feedback from clients is the same, to save the fish you need to warm them up and get some food into them

  • This leaking problem is common due to the poor aluminum bolts that erode away
  • Crocus finally, only a month late !
  • We reworked some poor waterfall plumbing
  • Now there are 2 returns to the waterfalls

Our Japanese koi shipment comes in this week, arriving late on Thursday May 8th. Pond Construction starts late this year, we always start the first week of May but we probably won't be starting for another 3 weeks
April 3
The warmer weather is finally on the way ! Unfortunately we are getting a number of calls from clients who have lost fish. Shallow ponds in particular were hit very hard. We are now open 7 days a week until October

  • It took a couple of doses and retesting to confirm the Ammonia was eliminated
  • Brian is really anxious to open up his pond !
  • A shot from Pan Intercorp
  • It was scary to see a huge flock of great blues flying overhead in Seattle

We have started working on a few ponds but ice is still fairly prevalnet. I visited Pan Intercorp in Seattle 2 weeks ago. Got to see some nice fish and take in some of the local tourist attractions
March 6
The Sun is finally starting to get stronger and warmer weather is on the way. Just got back from Grenada, a great place to visit and I highly recommend it

  • Inside a 40 greenhouse covered pond
  • This fish had just a few chilodonella on it, but essentially this koi was freeezing to death
  • It was nice to finally see at turtle sunning itself on the stand we set up
  • Another pic from Ripley's Aquarium - well worth the visit

We are open 7 days a week starting on Tuesday April 1st. - only 3 weeks away ! Those who have fish boarded with us must pick them up before May to make room for our new Japanese Koi shipment which arrives on May 8th. This will be our largest shipment to date
February 3
Dead of Winter here in Toronto and it has been a very tough one to date. Very cold and lots of snow. Hopefully everyone is maintaining their aerators and keeping a close eye on their ponds. A close look will be required in the Spring

  • The new Ripleys Aquarium was fun and well worth the visit
  • Condensation can be a problem with colder weather and thinner airline
  • Quickstart is a lifesaver for cold starts
  • I delivered some fish to Casino Rama for Chinese New Year

Our big sale went well last month - thanks to those who support their local businesses's. This time last year I was in Japan enjoying the all Japan Koi Show. Missed it this year, hoping to be there for the 2016 show
January 2
Happy New Year to one and all. Work has finally slowed down in the last week and it has become bitterly cold out. Hopefully every bodies fish made it through the big power failure unscathed. One of our clients had power out for a week and we were assisting him using our powerpacks to run an aerators

  • It was difficult for these turtles to climb out and there were no reptile lights
  • I shaped some natural limestone which provides easier access and looks better
  • To avoid freezing and cracking of pipes a blower is necessary to clear the lines
  • This power pack was able to run a clients aerator for over a day

Our big 20% off everything sale will occur on Saturday and Sunday January 18th. and 19th from 11 - 4 each day. Mail orders accepted as well and we hope to see you all there
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