Pond product lines

Dainichi Koi Food

There are 4 blends of Dainichi Koi Food available . Premium is the most popular being a staple food with krill, spirulina, shrimp and montmorillonite

Other blends include Growth Plus which is super for Summer feeding with extra protein, All-Season with wheat germ is great for Spring and Fall feeding. Colour Intensifier is fed to augment vibrant colours in your koi
dainichi koi food


Clarke Koi is a distributor and reatailer "Koizyme"
This revolutionary product reduces lesion and ulcer problems associated with pathogenic bacteria like Aeromonas

Totally natural and harmless to Koi, it works by competitive exclusion, reducing Aeromonas and Pseudomonas populations by consuming their food source and in essence starving them to death. A great insurance policy to use in Spring or all season long with more valued koi collections
koizyme for ponds

Dolphin Pumps

The Amp Master line of pumps has a long pedigree for exceptional performance. We still have an original 2100 ampmaster running our main tank for 9 years now - all the time consuming just 1.0 amp ![137 watts]

The wet end is manufactured to very exacting tolerances. The Amp Master line is constantly improved and these pumps are very quite and compact. Hightly recommended

key features: extremely quiet, low power consumption and they run forever
dolphin ampmaster pump

The PerformancePro Artesian

Artesian models combine all the same high efficiency advantages found in the Cascade line but with the added convenience and safety of being self-priming

Molded of corrosion resistant polypropylene, Artesian pumps are ideal for applications in which the pump is positioned above the water. An easy-open Lexan lid provides ready access to the priming pots large strainer basket
performance pro pond pump

Delta UV Sterilizers

These UV's are stainless steel with 2" ports to allow good flow rates and easy connections. The smallest unit does up to 5K gallons. The big advantage is the fact that only 1 bulb is necessary, so bulb replacement costs [every 2 seasons with typical use] is reasonable

Key Features: great flow, 2" ports, solid construction

Aquadyne Bead Filters

These filters feature solid construction and a proven performance track record. The 0.60 entry model is for use in ponds up to 1200 gallons in volume. Additionally, 1.1, 2.2, 4.4 and 8.8 cubic foot units are available. The 8.8 will accommodate 28,000 gallons of water and 500 pounds of fish !

What makes these bead filters stand out is the clean internals and of course convenient air blower cleaning [blower cleeaning is essential although many bead filters on the market lack this feature]

Key Features - Central column internals - Air blower cleaning - Small footprint
aquadyne filter

custom made Reticulated Foam

We have excellent custom made reticulated foam which excels at particulate removal. The pieces are 24 inch diamter and 2" thick of open cell foam which is totally safe for fish

These foam circles work perfectly for use with home made filters utilizing 55 gallon drums

reticulated foam for koi ponds

Everything for your pond

We stock only fresh koi foods such as Dainichi, Tetra, Ziegler and Hikari. We carry some of the best medications on the market to treat Flukes, Protozoan Parasites, Lice, Anchor Worm, Fungus and bacterial infections. Water test kits, treatments and water quality meters are always in stock. Our koi and goldfish are healthy

Remember, we stock hard to find specialty items that you may not even be familiar with. Our pond plumbing equipment is extensive. Bulkheads, liner connectors, ball and gate valves, flex hose and most importantly, the know how, are all available to you. We even have 3 types of bottom drains to choose from !
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