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Pond Construction, Servicing & Consulting

We are the seminal source for all your pond related needs. We have constructed ponds ranging from 4 - 60 feet. We open and close almost 200 ponds a season and our client list continues to grow. Our expertise from plumbing to pumps and koi to medications garners inquiries around the world
  • No Service Contracts - we come when you need us
  • No Tiered Servicing - What do what is required for your pond
  • Best Equipment - photometers, microscopes, laser levels, medications, multimeters etc., our trucks are fully equipped
Ponds Construction Recommendations:
1] Get Educated - read all you can and talk to several companies before you spend a dime
2] Don't fall for placation - just because it sounds good, doesn't mean it is good
3] Hire the right company - unfortunately very few people really know what they are doing - like any industry
4] Patience & Pedigree - good people are busy. They have extensive portfolio's & accomplishments

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When you are ready to start, please visit our shop with your questions and plans and we will review things with you at no cost. Also at our shop we can show you various equipment and discuss the pro's and con's of the options available. You can also book an onsite consult to discuss your project at length starting at $185
  • This waterfalls has too much stone, different stone, and it doesn't match the rest of the pond
  • We tore everything out, the client also wanted to make the waterfalls higher
  • It was a pretty quick job to improve the aesthetics of this pond dramatically

Pond Servicing & Maintenance, openings & Closings

Whether a Pond Opening, Closing, scheduled pond maintenance or emergency call, you can be sure we will take great care of your pond. We will look after your pond as if it was our very own

Some of our core services include:
  • Water quality testing
  • Water change
  • Filter cleaning
  • Plant fertilization
  • Fish health check
  • Equipment check
  • Plant trimming
  • Debris netting
Most of our visits to clients ponds cost between $150 - $200

Let Us Help you with your pond Build

Every season we help aspiring pond builders through the process of building their own ponds. The major advantages are that you save a lot of money and really grasp the inner workings of your pond. You perform the tasks you are comfortable with while we supply the expertise, specialty tools [tripod hoist, laser level, rock cart etc] and any install help required

Take advantage of our experience, equipment and physical capability
to get it done properly - and with a great cost savings
  • Leveling a vortex
  • Water quality testing at a clients pond
  • Helping Vincent build his dream pond [portfolio 12]

pond Leak Repair

We have a 95%+ success rate at locating and fixing leaks. We need your assistance to get the trouble shooting process started. Please visit our Leaks Page for information on water loss issues or give us a call

koi disease Diagnoses

If your fish are not looking as they normally do it is wise to act quickly and get a proper diagnoses of the issue. Water quality analysis as well as a microspy of the fishes slime to check for parasties are the main courses of action. This can be done on site, or the fish brought to our shop
Brown gills can be an indication of nitrite toxicity but this also looks like gill disease

winter Fish Boarding

Fish boarding service is available at our shop from October to April. We of course perform regular water changes and water quality analysis. We will look after your pets as if they were our very own. A backup gas generator is on hand in case of power failure. Please call ahead to book your space

Winter Pond Coverings

In the Fall we recommend covering your pond with a winter greenhouse. This dramatically reduces the amount of ice that accumulates and it extends the feeding time by over 1 month. Other key benefits are stopping leaves from entering the pond in the Fall, as well as being able to see your fish throughout the Winter and take action if a problem arises

We can provide the complete covering service for you or you can take advanatage of our simple instructions and undertake the project yourself. We do sell Super6 greenhouse poly in 24 and 32 foot wide rolls by the linear foot which is key to process

watch a video on how to set up your greenhouse

Pond Heating

Heating your pond is very beneficial fish wise as well as allowing you to enjoy your fish year round. It also maximizes growth and allows you to maintain a seeded filter and keep your tropical plants. We sell electric heaters and install gas heaters. Give us a call if you require more information

"Appreciate your professionalism"
"...I truly appreciate your professionalism and expertise in repairing our leak..... I think the first estimate of close to TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS to perform the repair you performed for a little more than a hundred (including the purchase of a bubbler and some additional product) was evidence of that..."

Maggie, Scarborough
"Thank you for your continuous advice"
".....Last but not least, I want to thank you for the continuous advice and maintenance service; this allows me to have peace of mind and really enjoy my koi and the pond.... I especially appreciate the fact that I can get koi food and supplies and pond equipment from you at very reasonable prices..."

Tony, Etobicoke
"Quality of advice and work"
"... I couldn't have been more happy with the quality of advice and work that you provided in setting up my pond, and that even though we had no formal warranty, you came back and fixed my small leakage problem promptly and at no charge, even though I was prepared to pay. What more can I say. Satisfied client..."

Ian, Toronto