client pond testimonials

These are actual unedited client comments quoted from emails and notes we have received. I would love to be able to say we have satisfied 100% of our clients 100% of the time but that simply is not true - we have had a few failures along the way

I think the key is to learn from your mistakes and strive to improve in all facets of your operation - I think we have done that. At this stage of the game, these testimonials represent the norm, not the exception... For more client feedback, see out Clients Ponds pages

We are thrilled how the pond is coming together
We are thrilled with how the pond is coming together. I am amazed at the near-super-human effort by Randall to not only move the excess stone but to lay the edge rocks by himself, all in one day.

Thanks again, Don, Toronto
Pond re build Fall 2014
I had tears in my eyes when I got Home !
OMG I love it!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I will have the funds tomorrow. Let me know if you want me to drop them off or if Randall will pick it up. Give me the final cost and I will have it for him.
I had tears in my eyes when I got home!

Thanks again, Julie, Toronto
Pondless water build Summer 2014
"Hard to find someone who knows what they are talking about"
"Dear Randall, Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you very much for coming out today. I was very impressed with your professionalism and the services that you provided. I am very happy that you were able to fix the leak and also help me redesign my waterfall. You were great to be giving me tips as you went along working about any odds and ends for the pond. I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge that you possessed about ponds and koi. It's hard to find someone who knows what they are talking about in this industry! It was much appreciated and I cannot wait to come by the shop to check out your pond plants and fish! Thanks again, Talk soon Lauren..."

Lauren, Aurora, Ontario
"You attacked it with such spirit"
"...Not being one to do things in a small way, my first attempt at having a pond built resulted in a very complex design and structure "wish list" that I presented to you as a challenge.....but you attacked it with such spirit and enthusiasm that I never doubted that whatever the obstacles, they would get solved..... "

Gary, Toronto, Ontario
"I found your website to be the best"
"...After days of researching on the internet in regards to filters, drains, general pond information, and pictures I found your website to be the best. I am located in Michigan and only hope to find a company such as yours to design and build my pond..."

Jeff, Michigan, U.S.A.
"Not at all inclined to oversell"
"In the six years that Randall and I have worked together on this pond, I have found him to be honest, incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable, and not at all inclined to oversell. He is constantly in pursuit of new information, very much on top of new products and their usefulness (or lack thereof), and he has become my premier (and invaluable) resource in the care of our increasingly valuable koi collection"

Lynn, Mississauga, Ontario
see pictures of Lynn's Pond

"Made every mistake you guys outlined"
... Unfortunately we rushed in putting in the new pond and made every mistake you guys have outlined on your webpage.....I have looked everywhere for this type of information and you guys are definitely onto something! Great website! Great ideas! And great videos! More! More! More!..."

Mike, Massachusetts U.S.A

"I have total confidence in you guys"
Hi Randall, Thanks for the update. I have total confidence in you guys. I am actually very grateful that your business can obtain the part I need. Your company gives excellent customer service. Keep up the fantastic work! Thanks, Scott

Email received in regards to a Mail Order Dec 2007
"Appreciate all your help"
"I really appreciate all your help in answering my questions, the pictures you sent helped very very much. I'm really trying hard not to bug you with a million questions. I have got my 55 gallon drums now, I'm going to go for building a set-up just like on your website"

Eric, Tennessee, U.S.A
"Truly Appreciate your professionalism"
"...I truly appreciate your professionalism and expertise in repairing our leak. As you know, we inherited the pond with the recent purchase of our house and pretty much had “Neophyte pond owners-feel free to take advantage!” written all over our foreheads. I think the first estimate of close to TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS to perform the repair you performed for a little more than a hundred (including the purchase of a bubbler and some additional product) was evidence of that..."

Maggie, Scarborough, Ontario
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"You sold us the right products"
" We appreciated very much your help concerning the health problem that we had with our koi. You sold us the right products at the right prices and mostly we never had the opportunity meeting an after sale service like the one you provided to us...Your advices were priceless..."

Pierre and Sophie, Quebec
"You do seem the best qualified"
"Could you please mail me a catalogue -- we have researched ponds and are interested in becoming 'koi' pond enthusiasts (love your website too -- upon perusing many websites about koi ponds, you do seem the best qualified even without seeing your warehouse... yet!! )"

Debbie, Oshawa, Ontario
"Focus on selling what customer needed"
" Working at Clarke Koi Ponds this past season (2005) was a refreshing change. It was nice to work in a retail environment where the philosophy was to focus on selling what the customer needed and what we knew worked, rather than how much could be sold. Randall is one of the most knowledgeable and ethical people I have had the pleasure of meeting in the industry. I am not sure why, but it seems to be a rare combination these days..."

Paul Rose, Clarke Koi Employee, Summer 2005
"Thank you for your continuous advice"
"...Last but not least, I want to thank you for the continuous advice and maintenance service; this allows me to have peace of mind and really enjoy my koi and the pond.... I especially appreciate the fact that I can get koi food and supplies and pond equipment from you at very reasonable prices..."

Tony, Etobicoke, Etobicoke Ontario
see a video - Tony's Pond
see pictures of Tony's Pond
"Counseled me...not to purchase"
"...He is fully aware of the latest products in the Koi hobby and is expert in their application and use. On several occasions he has counseled me and other customers not to purchase products from him when he thought their application was not suitable and would represent a waste of the buyer’s money..."

George, Toronto, Ontario
"You came back and fixed my leakage problem promptly and at no charge"
" On the matter of the work that you have done for me, I couldn't have been more happy with the quality of advice and work that you provided in setting up my pond, and that even though we had no formal warranty, you came back and fixed my small leakage problem promptly and at no charge, even though I was prepared to pay. What more can I say. Satisfied client."

Ian, Toronto, Ontario
"He's a real fish person rather then someone who just sells fish"
"...The owner Randall is a really nice guy and spent a good time just chatting to me about fish keeping in general even though I didn't buy anything. (like that'll last long). Why I really liked him immediately is he asked me if I knew what a Nitrogen Cycle was. He's a real fish person rather then someone who just sells fish, if that makes sense. They do scrapings, on site visits, cary meds such as Bifuran, Tricide-Neo PP and a bunch of other stuff. I was ogling his entire store. He sells both Koi and Goldies as well, he also houses pond fish over the winter. I have to start saving my pennies for a pond now..."

Kathleen, Toronto, Ontario
Quoted from a post at Koko's Goldfish World Website
"Don't recall ever having someone who did work for us follow up afterwards"
"Hi Randall - that is really good of you to follow up like that - don't recall ever having someone who did work for us follow up afterwards. Pond is working great, fish are doing well (we only feed them once a day - total of 9 pellets - sound right ?) - you should drop bye and see it with the arbour and plants. Haven't had the pictures taken yet but will send to you once I do..."

Bob, Scarborough, Ontario
Email received June 2007 regarding a pond we constructed
"Realized just how technically savvy randall was"
"...His plan included sophisticated filtration with a bottom drain, 8 functioning jets to control water flow, two skimmers, three aeration stations and complex plumbing. Together we went to work to executing his plan. I quickly realized just how technically savvy Randall was. Not to mention having a work ethic you don't see too often. Randall was extremely passionate about his work and would not stop until it was just right..."

Clarke, Toronto, Ontario
See a video with Clarke and Randall - Ray Abell's pond harvest
"You are now the go to guy"
"Thanks so much for taking the time to follow up, Randall. Yes, the string algae seems to be under control. I've done some more raking and have removed a few more leaves from the bottom of the pond. Its looking good and the fish are smiling. Many thanks and you are now the go to guy for my pond needs. Hoping you have a prosperous summer Syd"

Syd, Mississauga, Ontario
email from new client, Spring 2008
"Our pond has never been this clear"
"...Just to say again how pleased we are with the result. Brian worked really hard and solved our dirt is his intention to come in the spring and re-build the rock sides to try to prevent it from happening again. I believe we are going to tie that in with you opening our pond in April. Our pond has never been this clear...not ever..."

Mary , Toronto, Ontario
email as a result of a service call we performed Oct 2008
"...I looked at 40 sites before choosing yours."
"Thank you, I figured a lot of the koi people would be stuffy an uptight but you're not and I appreciate that. I have a lot to learn but thanks. I'm having trouble differentiating who sells to the general public and who are strictly wholesalers. If it is any consolation to you I looked at 40 sites before choosing yours. If you ever head down to Jax Fl e-mail me and I'll grill some steaks. Thanks again "

Robert, Florida USA

Excerpt from an email conversation
"We will of course be recommending you"
"Hi Randall....Your a genius!......Fish are doing marvelous...Nitrite is 0.3 and dropping and has been for 3 weeks now since we installed the barrel .........The fish with the ulcer is is growing back his scales...They are all doing just great and it's a pleasure now going out there knowing they are on the mend and healthy.....Once again Randall. Thank You so much.............We will of course be recommending you and your company to our other fish friends. All the best"

Fiona, East Gwillimbury, ON
Email received after a Health Consult, August 2009

"....I need some supplies, and you are the only person I can trust when it comes to information and supplies. ..."

"... You can send that along when you get your new stock, or something else that will do as good a job. I trust your judgment...."

Jamie, Nova Scotia
Email order Spring 2009

"You are the pond God"

"...I don't think they really know anything about ponds although they sell some pond stuff (and way too expensively in my opinion) although they're quite knowledgeable about aquarium fish and supplies. What is your take on all this? (because you are the pond god in my opinion. LOL)

Tracey, Pickering, ON
Email question Nov 2009
"The honesty and sincerity comes out"
"This mail comes from far across a place called India. Our family has been going through your web site since the last week, and are greatly moved by the sharing experience that you and your team have so tastefully portrayed in your web site, The honesty and sincerity comes out in a crystal like clarity.Our compliments"

Sanjay, India
Jan 2010 Email received
"Great Service"
Finally - a place that is patient answering my questions and professional about the advice they offer. I have had a pond for 10 years and this group is by far the most knowledgeable about the fish and the true eco system they thrive in! I was always convinced the clearest of water was best for the fish (because I am a clean freak) when in fact Clarke Koi corrected me - both kindly and with science backing it up - and now my fish are the most active and healthy they have ever been and my plants are thriving. And I still have clear water! Totally trust these guys to build the pond at my next home

Found at
"Thanks to you and all your teachings"
"Hi Randall Thank you for everything. And you haven't been up-staged!!! Just shows you hire well. Brian was terrific and we have two bubblers in the pond. All is well! Now we just need to get it warm so they can start eating. I can't tell you how delighted I was to hear that my fish are healthy - even the one with ulcers has mended (thanks to you and all your teachings). Your biggest fan, Viive

Viive, Port Severn, ON

Email Received regarding Pond Opening Spring 2011
"Your incredible diverse knowledge"
"Randall, When I decided to redesign my pond and build a waterfall, I consulted numerous so called ‘pond experts’ for advice. I realize now that their biased opinions led me astray when they recommended expensive pseudo-solutions, restricted my design ideas and just plain gave me bad advice. Your incredibly diverse knowledge of fish biology, earth sciences and pond construction combined with your honest advice and strong work ethic struck the perfect balance I was looking for in a fish pond professional

Not only were your rates fair, you also allowed me to contribute hands-on with the project, permitting me to help bring my pond to life and save money. I turned on the waterfall last night, and although I still don’t have any plants or fish in the pond, I couldn't’t help but smile as the sound of the water took me to another place. As I read some of the visitor comments on your website, I realize just how lucky I am to have such a great pond resource right in my community. Thank you for allowing me to indulge in my passion..."

Letter received from Bob, East York

RE: some work completed Fall 2010
"It has reinforced what I suspected was the truth"
"...It became clear that some of what aquascapes lacks is definitely what I need for low maintenance and healthy fish. Its been tempting to go their direction though, primarily because finding someone who's eyes don't glaze over when you say bottom drain and Cetus Sieve has so far been impossible around here. Reading the portfolio area of your website this morning, reinforced for me just why I SHOULDN't go with them. So I keep looking. Anyway, thanks for the detailed and easily understood information. It has reinforced what I suspected was the truth and has helped me greatly..."

Stacy, Chicago
Email received Spring 2011