monthly pictures 2006

water flow waterfalls
This picture was taken in November at a clients pond just outside of Toronto. This pond was not constructed by us, we were there to lower a skimmer which had risen out of the ground. Nice job aesthetically by the landscaper who did this project
stream waterfall
This picture was taken at a clients house last August. The PVC liner had degraded and needed to be replaced. We also installed a bottom drain and external nitritech filter system. This photo is of the waterfall we put together in a couple of hours
high quality sanke
This picture was taken from the new video uploaded on the pond videos page. The Video features Ray Abel's koi Harvest with many beautiful koi. The fish shown above are 3 exceptional gin rin sanke. Download this and other video's absolutely free
pond bridge
This picture was taken under Philips greenhouse cover. His pond is heated and with the covering, stays warm for the entire Winter. His fish have grown quite well under these conditions although he did lose one fish this past winter. To see more of Philips pond, check out the portfolio here
koi sock net
A group of Japanese Koi being netted with a sock net. A nice variety including plenty of metallic's which are now on sale at Clarke Koi
pond filter
This is a picture of a small overflow type filter we installed a couple of weeks ago. The bulkhead at the top in the middle of the barrel is the input. It is valved to control the influx of water. The bulkhead immediately right is the overflow/bypass. As the media gets clogged, the barrel has the ability to overflow if this is overflow is not in place

The bulkhead coming out at the bottom is the filtered return. The gate valve allows for easy cleaning. Leave the pump running, open this valve and water will exit here as it is the lowest point. Clean the filter padding and bio balls within the barrel with the incoming pond water. Close the valve and your back to filtering your pond
waterlily flower
This is a picture of some plants in a temporary pond. There is nothing like a big waterlily bloom and to achieve the best flowers possible you should fertilize on a monthly basis
Well it took the better part of 30 hours of labour to get this massive vortex tank installed but the results have been impressive - it is collecting a huge amount of settlement. To see more of Tony's pond you can download this free video here
waterfalls rebuild
This picture illustrates the before and after of a recent project we have completed. The original waterfall was too hard and contrived, quite unnatural looking. We tore out the whole thing and installed a bottom drain, reworked and added more stone

In the end, we had a more visually attractive feature. In about 3 years when the plants have grown in the waterfall will look quite a lot better
big koi pond
This recent picture is of a pond we constructed in 1999. It certainly didn't look like this back then - its takes years, 5 minimum really, for the plants to mature. It also takes a long time for the pond to mature, the fish to get to 20+ inches and for the hobbyist to really start to understand the nuances of their particular pond
handling koi
This photograph was taken last year at Ray Abel's Mud Pond Harvest. This was shot on the final day of the harvest when the largest fish were being seined. There were some spectacular koi, predominantly gosanke. We are heading down to Virginia once again this year
pool pond conversion
This photograph is of a pool to pond conversion we performed this past Summer. The challenge is to make the pond appear natural because you are often starting with a formal shape. We alleviated some of this with large pieces of flag stone which were glued to the concrete

The pool was initially backfilled to reduce the pond size and effect a more irregular look, then we got the concrete collar, bottom drain and vortex into place