monthly pictures 2010

big japanese koi
This is a nice showa showing just how far the sumi wraps around, all the way to the belly. It was taken at Ray Abell Harvest in November 2008. The menware on the head looks strong and kata sumi is also evident
school of koi
This swarm of gosanke koi photo was taken at Oomo Koi Farm in Japan. I visited the Niigata Prefecture in early February 2010. Many of the fish were actually out of the water as they clamored for food. See the upcoming Koi/Japan section of our website for more
koi poster
I put this poster together after returning from Japan last month. It will be on our 2010 CKP Disc, available for free at the shop or included with your mail order at no charge. Also on the disc, video from the 41st. All Japan Koi Show, and a couple of lectures from the AKCA 2009 seminar including "How to Grow Jumbo Koi"
Izumiya koi farm
This is a shot taken at the Izumiya Koi Farm during my recent trip to Japan. There were massive koi at this farm, in particular some very large ogons. I also noticed a tremendous filtration turnover rate, with water gushing in rapidly. It was amazing to see crystal clear water with massive fish in a high density situation. Outside we noticed damage to some of the vats from the 2004 earthquake
koi for sale Toronto
This is a shot of our latest shipment of Sakai of Hiroshima fish. These are some nice koi in the 6-7" range priced at $79 - $135 each. Buy 2 fish, 5% off, 3 fish 10% off and 5 fish - 15% off
jumbo water hyacinth Toront
We received some massive water lettuce, the biggest I have seen. There are still a few left, but they have gone pretty fast. Only $5 or $55 a dozen, some measure over 1 foot across
Torazo koi farm
I have been reminiscing about my trip to Japan in February. Definitely have to go back. Just look at these amazing Gosanke we saw at the Torazo Farm
waterfalls Toronto
When putting a waterfall together, you want to offset the joints and provide an interesting face. We normally earmark select stones before we begin placing any rock in order to secure the best pieces for the waterfalls. If you can get the stones to look nice before any water and plants are added, you will achieve a nice end result. This pond level needs to come up another 8-10 inches
hariwake koi
This is one of our Koi which is Summering in my pond. Fish do so much better outdoors with more natural food, space and sunlight. Here he is swallowing a bunch of pellets and putting on a bit of size
koi pond oakville
I recently got a chance to visit a pond we built about 4 years ago. A lot of work had been done and it looked great. The fish as well that were purchased at 6" had grown quite a lot. I updated the pics in our portfolio if you want to see more
pond pump
How wrong can wrong be ? I just completed a filter replacement + UV install for a new client. The pump was on when I got there but there was no flow. Once I pulled it up I saw why. The anti-kink hose had split right at the pump. This is a pretty common occurrence with this stuff. Simply put, anyone who sells it does not know ponds or just doesn't care about supplying you with a quality product

In any event there were additional problems with this setup. First, the pre filter sponge is very small. In a dirty pond this will clog quickly thereby reducing the flow rate. Another problem is the connector used. First, it is too small and will reduce flow. Second, it has a 90 degree bend also reducing flow. No physics PHD required to see that. All in all, very poorly done. For more examples of how not to do it
handling koi
This magnificent shiro was pulled out of one of Ray's mud ponds in November. To see some more pics, check our news section