monthly pond pictures 2013

Sea of Shusui
Well it is back to Japan later this month to visit breeders and take in the All Japan Koi Show. It has been 3 years, so really looking forward to it. Hoping to visit the Southern breeders as well. This "sea of shusui" shot was taken in Niigata
Some stock from  Japanese koi breeder Koda
Visited many breeders and saw a ton of fish in the last 2 weeks as I visited Japan again. This shot was taken in Koda's greenhouse. For more info on this trip, see our blog
I think everyone is longing for Summer now, it's getting closer! This waterlily shot was taken last year and I tonemapped it for added eye candy
This is a fabulous showa sanke I saw in February at the All Japan Koi Show. Every serious koi keeper needs to visit the show at least once ! The quality of the fish is astounding. Hopefully I will get a page up on the show soon
Only usurped by the koi, the snow and mountain scenery in Niigata is breathtaking. 10 feet high crisp white snow drifts are commonplace. As nice as it is, thank goodness we are heading into a nice warm Summer !
Our Jumbo Tosai from Sakai of Hiroshima are healthy and ready to go. Due to hand feeding they are becoming very tame. Some of these tosai are 14" in size.
We also have some 2 year olds available
Have the right tools and equipment is essential for any project. Here our tripod hoist allows us to gently lower and position a heavy stone on the liner without damage. Superior to a bobcat when moving just a few stones or when access is a problem
We begun this rebuild last Fall. It is now complete and we just performed our first service call this week. The koi we introduced a couple of months back have really grown. Water is crystal clear - thanks to the vortex which was packed with debris
A sunset picture of some tropical lilies at one of our clients ponds
This is another one of our rebuilds completed this past Summer. It will be put in our portfolio section in the new year
We covered this seasons first pond build with a greeenhouse this past week. Took only 30 minutes and will provide tremdous benefit to the fish. We sell the greenhouse poly at our shop. More setup info
Stream type waterfalls offers different views from varying vantage points
This waterfall stream is from our largest project this year, a 37 x 12-22 foot wide, 7 feet deep koi pond in Ballantrae. It took about 1 month to complete and came together without a hitch. A very enjoyable project for us, given some time the plants will grow in nicely