news 2009

Dec 1 2010
We are currently working on our last project of the season. A pond build 7 x 12 and 6 feet deep. Hopefully the weather will hold and we will be able to finish it this season. The excavation was difficult as it was solid clay. The weather is holding nicely compared to the last 2 years when it was frozen at this time. The first pic shows the filter excavation, the second the pond shell

pond excavator pond shell

The trip to Japan is shaping up nicely. 3 days visiting breeders, 2 days at the All Japan Koi Show and we will be sightseeing for a few days as well. When i get back I plan to add 2-3 pages chronicling the trip

Oct 31 2010
Unfortunately I won't be going down to Ray Abels this Fall. I have been there for the the last 4 years so I guess I can't complain. I guess I will just look forward to Japan in February. Pond closings will start in another 10 days or so. It has been a long season but a pretty good one for us

I have begun to work on the website revamp. I do have a lot of things I would like to do - but of course this all takes time. One goal is to improve the pictures on the site as well as incorporate more video

Oct 8 2010
Nice 70 degree day out today but the weather is definitely changing. I was picking up some stone last week and was speaking with the owner. He said that he had considered filling the void that "Picov's" left when they closed down a few years back by opening up his own pond superstore. After a couple of head shakes I said to him, you know you really need to know a lot about biology, chemistry, physics let alone the fish, construction and health care etc etc etc. He really didn't say too much, but my receipt said it all. It was made out to "Clarke Coi Ponds"

The sad thing is, in this marketplace there are now far more posers than real players and I'm hoping that most people are able to discern who really knows what they are doing and who just in it for a buck. Unfortunately I see it everyday, I just visited a pond on Tuesday that was less than 2 feet deep, full of stone and the lady said it was built by an "expert" [read landscaper with a shovel]

Took some pics last week of a pond we built earlier in the season...

  • Yana really went to work on planting this pond
  • I was surprised at how quickly it grew it. Plant close together helps that
waterfall plants and stone