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December 2 2011
Almost finished the season, a greenhouse to put up on Monday and maybe a couple of other odds and ends and the year is done. Hard to believe, but some welcome relief

Went down to Ray Abell's in mid November, disappointed at the abbreviated harvesting but it was still awesome seeing some high end fish. I met up with Darren of Natures Touch Ponds in Washington and we drove down from there

November 3 2011
We are wrapping up our final build [rebuild] of the season, should be finished on Monday

Going down to Ray Abel's Mud Pond Harvest again this year, leaving on Wednesday. Will be bringing my new Sony NX5 video camera and shooting some video this trip and really looking forward to it

Pond closings are just beginning and we are covering quite a few ponds. Its been a really long season so looking forward to some down time in another month or so

Winter is approaching so preparing your pond to ensure the fish will survive is important Working heavily on a new website revamp. New structure and a cleaner layout with more video and a few more pages. Hoping to go online with that in January. Figure it will take about 200 hrs. to get it done

October 1 2011
We will beginning a fairly large project on Monday, another rebuild to address the typical oversights clients make when first construct a pond - namely too shallow depth and no bottom drain. This will likely be our last major job for the season, in November we start with pond closings

Looking forward to going down to Ray's once again this November. I bought a new video camera and am itching to put it through its paces. We just interviewed a client 2 weeks ago who has a major pond setup and a very nice collection of koi. I will be putting a video together of that hopefully before Christmas

Spent about 20 hours this week to come up to speed on how to get my video blog going. Between the transcoding options and getting an efficient workflow down, it has taken some time. But I finally got 1 video up, plan on many more over the Winter

August 29 2011
We are well into our 3rd. major build of the season - today the liner went in. We just finished our project in Port Credit about 3 weeks ago. That pond is about 10 x 20 and 7 feet deep. A lot of ground water, so a french drain [pictured right] was also inserted. This will allow access of a small pump to the bottom of the pond in order to drain away ground water. We had over a foot of water, but the liner was not floating above the concrete floor we put down

We will be open Mondays in September [excluding the long weekend coming up]. Don't forget our sales flyer, deicers are on sale in September

August 2 2011
We continue to be very busy with pond upgrades, servicing and construction. We have decided to be open on Mondays in August. We were closed last year on Mondays in July and August but this year have been busy enough to justify being open 7 days a week until September

Please check out our monthly sales which run July / August and September. I'm shooting lots of video - today we installed a skimmer an existing pond and we took a few minutes of video of an overview of the job. This will be featured in our upcoming video blog

July 5 2011
Our first build was completed about 2 weeks ago and it turned out well. Some fish have been introduced and the pond is now crystal clear since it has been running for awhile and starting to mature. Picture top

Our second build is underway and the pond measures 20 feet long by 9 - 11 feet wide. It is over 6 feet deep. We have the fish housed in a large show tank while we get the build done. We built the first pond for this client back in 1999 and a new house means a new pond. Friday we will be working on the bottom drain install

We are entering the hot time of year - it will be 29-30 all this week. Very important to keep the aerators running to maximize oxygen content at this time of year

June 5 2011
Our first build of the season is well underway.
It is a 20 x 11 pond with bottom drain, 48" vortex, Aquadyne Bead filter and large savio skimmer

We are also currently retrofitting a bottom drain and vortex in an existing pond. The liner will be peeled back this Tuesday and the drain put in. Fish will be stored in a large show tank and moved back into the pond on Thursday

I have been doing a lot of impromptu filming this year of various tasks - I plan to put up a video blog page - perhaps as early as this Fall

May 6 2011
We are still working on pond openings. Pond construction starts next Friday, looking forward to getting started. Our pond plants are in, our koi shipment is in, and we are almost fully stocked with supplies. Now if it would only stop raining and warm up, all would be grand

Apr 17 2011
Pond openings continue. At one or our clients we spent almost 3 hours draining, catching fish and removing the sludge build up. This is what builds up quite rapidly when there is no bottom drain [and no, rocks on the bottom don't get rid of it either]

Not to dwell on the negative, but another pond we visited for the first time looks like its about to collapse on itself. The rock is attractive and nicely arranged, but without a concrete collar for support it will literally fall over at some point. Shame

Apr 10 2011
Well we are now open 7 days a week with a bit of a cool slow start to the season. Pond openings commence in earnest this week so if you would like to book something please let us know. I'm finishing my chemistry course at Seneca just in time !

One of these ceramic airstones is not like the other. Actually, the one on the right is blocked and seriously impeding air flow. After soaking in some bleach it should be back close to its 0.35 cfm specifications

And its almost time to take down those greenhouses. More and more of our clients are covering their ponds for Winter and there are huge benefits. No ice for example as well as a rapid Spring warm up without any ice melting penalty [heat of fusion]

Mar 21 2011
Just finished up the Canada Blooms show. We had quite a lot of interest and thanks to those who stopped by for a chat. We are now starting to book pond openings but are realistically still 2 weeks away before really starting up

Just had an email from a client today - we put up a greenhouse over the pond last Fall. No ice during the entire Winter, and the water is now 52 and the pond is ready for startup as the fish can begin feeding. This is at least 2 weeks earlier than most other ponds, if not 3 as many still have some ice depending on the micro climate. For the money, a greenhouse covering is one of your best investments

Feb 27 2011
We are still working away improving the shop and getting things organized

I will be getting a booth [#445] at the Canada Blooms Show, feel free to come down and chat - the show is on from Wed March 15 - Sunday March 20th.

Our next koi shipment is planned to arrive on Thursday May 5th. If you have boarded fish, we would like them removed by Sunday April 25th so that we have time to prepare for our shipment. We are expecting 300+ Japanese Koi, including more smaller fish [Hikari] than last year
Jan 31 2011
Our Winter cleanup operation continues. We are finding quite a bit of used product - filters, pumps, skimmers etc - that is in good shape and will be priced to sell in the Spring. We will be far better organized this upcoming season with our stock
Was chatting with a client on the weekend and he has been very successful at growing fish in the last 2 years. He built his own filter - your typical 55 gallon drum and he packed it with plastic scrubbing pads. He told me when he was planning the filter, he mentioned it to one of our competitors who proceeded to laugh and shake his hand in jest - good luck he said. The irony is that this competitor uses Cyprio filters - which simply can't compare to a homemade filter. Less filter media, harder to clean, can clog and slow flow and much less durable. I would suggest that laughing at your clients while at the same time, giving them the wrong advice - lacks business acumen. Our client took it to heart and told me he hasn't been back to that shop again

I visited one of our A clients a couple weeks back to get their heater back online - it had tripped while she was on vacation. The heater is 1500 watts and we have sold a few of them over the last 2 years -with very positive feedback so far. We also covered the pond with plastic - this will help retain the heat. Photo inset

Jan 2 2011
Happy New Year ! Our annual 20% off sale will happen on Saturday January 15th, 11 - 4. Mail Orders also qualify. Everything in the shop will be priced at 20% off. Busy working on tidying up the shop and getting things more organized

Sadly, there have been several clients who have lost fish, mainly due to aerator malfunction. Larger fish need more vigorous aeration in the Winter. Although fish breathe less, and the saturation point of 02 is much greater in cold water, the fact is the pond is covered with ice with very little surface to air contact. That contact is required to absorb oxygen. So please everyone ensure that your aerator is working, with decent flow with fish over 10"

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