projects: jerry's Pond

Summer 2004
Jerry's pond was another classic rebuild exhibiting all the common mistakes observed in the prototypical landscaper "liner insert" pond. Aesthetically it was well done but lacked a bottom drain, pond depth and a good filter system

Jerry wanted some koi and to get into the hobby. By the end of the rebuild the pond was 5 feet deep, over 2,000 gallons and had a 4 inch bottom drain feeding a custom made filter system

It was a frustrating job with all the obstacles that surrounded the pond but once the waterfall was turned on that frustration was quickly forgotten
  • concrete-collar.jpg
    Step 1 was to gut the pond and install a proper concrete collar. Some of the stones were 400 lbs.
  • DSCN3033jerry.jpg
    Here we are mortaring a ring of river rock together. This will serve to contain the additional stone behind it.
  • DSCN3138jerry.jpg
    The rock is beginning to take form and I was quite happy with how it turned out. This pond has a beautiful shape to it and things came together nicely
  • DSCN3220jerry.jpg
    The stone work is essentially complete and the system running. Some plants are required to hide plumbing and soften
  • DSCN3213jerry.jpg
    The filter system is fed via a 4 inch bottom drain. The settlement chamber is 125 gallons from which it is pumped up to 2 above ground filter chambers
  • IMG_0366jerry.jpg
    A year later the pond starts to mature and look at lot better with a full complement of plants

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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