projects: mac's waterfalls

Aug 2006
This job was a lot of work. It always is when the first step is to remove the existing stone and pond. Click the right image for a closer before look

The previous waterfall had some nice aspects, but the large flat rocks and lack of soft landscaping degraded the look

We installed a 3 inch bottom drain to an external filter. There are a lot of trees on the property and the submersible pump was always getting clogged
  • Mac1L.JPG
    Chaining large boulders such as these is tricky and dangerous
  • Mac2L.jpg
    It took awhile to rip out the all of the existing stone. The previous builders installed a concrete collar, albeit too high. We had to use the hammer drill to break it down in order for the rock to be submerged
  • clean-pond-shell.jpg
    This pond houses no fish and is purely for aesthetics. In this picture I'm applying waterfall foam to prevent too much water bypassing down through the stone
  • liner-drain-sealed.jpg
    This picture is taken from the top of the feature. There are 3 water courses that return to the pond
  • IMG_1491.jpg
    The following year I revisited the pond to take some pics. Plants starting to come in, but still need time to soften the look more

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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