projects: monica's Pond

Summer 2004
This pond was a little shallow, had no bottom drain and their was some whaling of the liner to to the very shallow water table
  • DSCN0153monica.jpg
    First, we would get rid of the majority of the rock in the pond, in particular the smaller pieces which are prone to collecting debris
  • DSCN2296monica.jpg
    We also decided to leave the waterfall as is. We would cut the liner out around it and then bond the new liner to it. That would be less work than moving all the heavy stone out
  • DSCN3371monica.jpg
    This pond represented a unique challenge as we discovered we had a high water table. You can see the water underneath the liner. To alleviate any "whaling" of the liner we ran flex hose and gravel wrapped in some geosynthetic to a sump chamber
  • DSCN3361monica.jpg
    We chose a Nitritech 2500 cloverleaf to filter this pond. It is nice and compact and will handle a pond of this size nicely. Once again we were in fairly tight quarters and trying to get everything done was not easy
  • DSCN3428monica.jpg
    The large seam was a challenge and it took 2-3 visits to get it watertight. It was difficult dealing with the folds and rolls in the liner. In the end it was the better way to go as ripping up the waterfall would have represented more work
  • DSCN3774monica.jpg
    Without both terrestrial and pond plants. things can look quite barren
  • DSCN3450monica.jpg
    Here we see the Nitritech 2500 in the ground and operational. The white tube is 6 inch in diameter and is the access point to the gate valve which shuts off water to the filter system
  • DSCN3773monica.jpg
    After everything was running the pond looked good. It is home to 3 koi which we Winter at the warehouse. The pond also has a skimmer and there is good water movement

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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