POND Portfolio vii

monica's Pond, thornhill, 2004
Completed in the Summer of 2004, this pond was another rebuild. The pond measures 8 x 12 and is 4 feet deep. The rock work was well done by the original landscaper, but the pond lacked depth and filtration. We removed everything but left the waterfall in place. We figured it was less work to bond the new liner to the original piece under the waterfall rather than remove all the large rock

We removed all the small gravel and rocks and placed the original larger rocks back in the pond as this was originally an Aquascapes style of pond

1 x Nursery Pro 1.5k Pump 1 x Nursery Pro 2k Pump Skimmer Nitritech 2500 filter system Related Link Current Projects: Monica
alexandra's Pond, toronto, 2004
This is the smallest pond Clarke Koi Ponds has constructed. Measuring only 5 x 3 and less than 3 feet deep, it is only about 200 gallons. The original pond was a small and shallow pre form with several goldfish

The pond has a 4 inch bottom drain, external filter and a flushing chamber. The waterfall is small but cute and the pond is nestled right in front of the house beside the front door

30 Gallon Filter Chamber | 1 x 500 gallon Nursery Pro Pump
philip's Pond, maple, 2004
Philips pond is one of the more serious ponds we have constructed. Started in mid Summer of 2004 it is 39 x 8 - 18 feet wide, over 8 feet deep and 10K gallons in volume . It also features 2 bottom drains, 2 skimmers and six jets. The filter system is divided into 2 streams. 1 system flows to the nitritech vetex vortex, then to the pump, uv, trickle tower and then returns to the far end of the pond

The other filter system flows from the vortex to the pump, bubble bead filter then to a rotating media filter. From here it returns via gravity to 3 jets which point to one of the skimmers. The jets are controlled with ball valves and a 2 inch overflow allows the drum volume to be maximized

This pond is also connected to Philips original 8k pond via a waterfall. A heating system was also installed

1 x Dolphin Ampmaster 5.6k Pump | 1 x Dolphin 4k Ampmaster Pump | 2 x Nitritech Vetex Vortex Tanks | 2 x Elektra Pro 20 UV's | 2 x 6' tower filters | 1 x 152k heat exchanger