Portfolio XIX

Norms's pond, Musckoka 2012
Another rebuild, our goal was to address the depth, leakage problem, filtration and esthetics. Norm undertook a fair amount of the process while we did the plumbing, liner installation, filtration and waterfalls. This is quite a large pond being 50 feet long, over 20 feet wide and 6 feet deep

Norm purchased some small koi last year and they grew very well. His koi are over-wintered in a 2K tank in his heated garage

Aquascapes Skimmer | Aquadyne 2.2 | 4" bottom drain | 36" Vortex | Delta UV | 4 jets | Dolphin Pump | PerformancePro Pump | Rotating Media Filter | EasyPro EP Aerator
John's Pond , Scarborough, 2012
John has been a long time client, and when he moved to his new house he took the opportunity to construct a bigger better pond. The pond is close to 15 by 8, 3 deep. There were budgetary concerns, so no bottom drain or gravity fed filtration. To compensate, a nice rounded bottom in place to ease netting of debris

The waterfalls turned out well and the ivy really adds the softening element that we need


Laguna Pressure Filter | Savio Skimmer | Pondmaster XP Hydrive Pump
Vijay's Pond, Etobicoke, 2013
Vijay always wanted a pond, and after shopping around he made the decision to contract us because to him the bottom drain system made sense. This was a very enjoyable job, we had good access and a clean slate to start. I particularly liked the stone Vijay chose and it hid the filter equipment nicely

It was also great work with Vijay as he was very hands on, eager to learn and understanding of the process. There is a 3" bottom drain, 2 chamber external filter and an air station under the waterfalls

Construction Pics
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24" Wlim Vortex | Laguna 55 watt UV | Pondmaster 1800 gph pump | shallow water jet return